Digital BTYcreative

Lucy served as the trusted mascot of BTYcreative, as well as the door guard from the multiple package deliveries and the stress reliever for our team for many wonderful years. She was a wise and spunky 10-year-old Labradoodle. Her favorite hobbies included going on long walks, barking at the mailman, and exploring the smells of her own backyard. She loved when her human friends pretended to chase her around the house, backyard, or office; her bark was the loudest during this game.

Lucy knew a good treat when she saw one and she took mealtime very seriously (shouldn’t we all?). She loved to be pet, preferably no less than five minutes at a time. Although she had an extraordinary amount of energy for a 10-year-old, naps were a highlight of her every day. Although we no longer have our Chief Barketer, the BTYteam still remembers Lucy fondly.

Thank you, Lucy, for serving our team and your humans with love.