Maximilian de la Garza

Digital BTYcreative

Maximilian taps into the well of Modern American Millennial Magic and Mischief, fueling brands beyond their boundaries for BTYcreative.

As an award-winning long-form narrative journalist and documentary filmmaker, his work has appeared in VICE and HBO. Once based in Detroit, he reported on the intersection of music, culture, and crime. His Russian roulette style writing methods hooked stalwart brands such as Adidas, Supreme, Bacardi, and Marlboro looking to align themselves with a big Motor City mood. He shaped campaigns for adidas and Big Sean, produced documentary for Marlboro examining the history of Detroit Techno music and its global influence.

His television production work can be seen on HBO covering Midwestern mosaics about the Flint water crisis as well as the opioid epidemic.

Maximilian believes that no matter the platform or audience, at the heart of every project he’s embarked on there’s always an important story to be told.

He now returns to his hometown of San Antonio fresh-eyed with new, bigger stories to tell with BTYcreative. Join him sitting shotgun in the fray making miracles out of other people’s dreams.