Honoring Family Legacy Through Branding

One of our team’s favorite type of projects is logo design. Whether we are refreshing a logo or designing one from scratch, our Visual Storytellers and Brand Strategist love breathing life into a brand through logo build outs. We recently wrapped up a logo design project for Noble and Associates. Tasked with creating a logo from scratch our team went to work getting to know the client and the rich history of its founder, Charles Noble.

Noble and Associates was established in 1954 after Charles Noble’s completed a long standing and memorable military career which included service in the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force. Deeply connected to service of our country and the development of our city, we were honored to create a unique logo connecting the legacy of Charles’s military service to the history of Texas. Watch our video to see how Sam Maverick’s signature was used to inspire a unique logo design connecting legacy and history to the future.

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