We are often asked what the BTY in our name stands for. It’s Boldest Truest You. Helping you be the boldest and truest version of you is our passion. It’s what drives our work on your behalf. We believe that boldness should be anchored in truth. Being true is at the core of who we are—and it’s our promise to you—and each other. As we live out our BTY values, we help steward your brand so you can be true in all you do and with all you have—then communicate that with boldness.

TRUE Collaboration: We participate with you in idea sharing in an environment in which all opinions are heard and respected. We weave all perspectives together to tell your story.

TRUE Optimism: We are transparent with you in our service to you, have a “we can make it happen” disciplined mindset, and celebrate your wins. Your success is our success.

TRUE Brilliance: We consistently aim to WOOO you, think beyond the predictable, and shine brightly by being a sparkplug of ideas, energy, and momentum.

TRUE Empathy: We care about you personally and professionally, practice intentional listening, and always seek to be respectful, understanding, and compassionate in our service to you.

TRUE Boldness: We present ideas fearlessly, challenge each other to do our very best, and celebrate individuality while inspiring teamwork.

TRUE Service: It is a privilege to serve you and help you steward your brand faithfully and responsibly. It’s our highest calling.