Businesses should be true to themselves and true to their unique brand DNA. To do so, all companies and brands should be the BOLDEST, TRUEST versions of themselves and BE “YOU.” This is why we encourage brands to live in the YOU-NESS of their identity.

In one day, together, we will explore every aspect of your brand through our unique BTY Brand Mapping™ process. From finances to operations, you will answer questions that will be used to create a Central Brand Message (CBM) document. This will become your “playbook” that does more than complement your already existing style guide; it will be your go-to guide for all communication and messaging, both internal and external.

Here’s what we will explore

1. Take a deep dive into your brand 

2. Identify blind spots and strengths

3. Discover the Boldest, Truest, You 

4. Define your methodology

5. Develop a Central Brand Message

6. Learn about you how you make money and identify your “Fastest Path to Cash™”

For the past 20 years, the CBM has become BTYcreative’s “secret sauce”, helping create consistent communication, intentional messaging, clear methodologies, and inspiring our clients to sell more.

Unlock the full potential of your brand.

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We're proud to have collaborated with Tri-Starr Talent this year through our BTY Brand Mapping Process—here's what they had to say about their transformative experience with our team:

  • 4-6 hour Brand Mapping session
    (our office or yours)
    • Explore current brand identity
    • Define target audience
    • Define unique problem you solve
    • Define tone of voice
    • Explore communications platforms and performance
    • Define financial model
    • Identify revenue goals
    • Identify customer journey
      (Fastest Path to Cash™)
    • Define differentiators: YOU-NESS
  • Central Brand Message Document
    • Market research and discovery
    • Identify, define, develop/confirm Brand Values
    • Identify, define, develop/confirm Brand Voice
    • Identify, define, develop/confirm Brand Promise
    • Identify and define ideal prospects
    • Identify and define ideal target market
  • Key Takeaways
    • Messaging Hierarchy that you can implement immediately
    • Our recommendations for increasing sales based on your "Fastest Path to Cash™"
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