Brand Transformation: Refresh vs. Rebrand

Deciding between refreshing your brand or undergoing a complete rebrand is a crucial strategic decision. It involves evaluating your brand’s current alignment with business goals, assessing market perception and customer feedback, considering any significant business changes, and weighing budget and resources. The choice should be based on a thorough analysis, potentially with input from branding experts.

In a recent brand refresh, i•financial updated its logo from a traditional gold and navy scheme to a vibrant gold and lime green palette. This modernized their visual identity and set them apart from competitors. They also introduced a new Brand Promise: “A warm cup of coffee, a good laugh, and clarity on your financial future,” emphasizing warmth, approachability, and clear financial guidance.

Jake Rivas, MS, CFP, EA Financial Planner, shared his thoughts on working with BTYcreative, stating:

“BTYcreative’s expertise and dedication were instrumental in bringing our vision to life. Their attention to detail and collaborative approach ensured that every aspect of our brand refresh exceeded our expectations. We’re thrilled with the results and grateful for the partnership.”

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