BTYcreative Collaborates with The Orchestra San Antonio on Rebranding Effort

In a recent collaboration, BTYcreative partnered with Classical Music Institute (CMI) to rebrand the CMI Orchestra, now known as The Orchestra San Antonio. Following their successful brand mapping project in 2022, The Orchestra San Antonio sought a vibrant new logo to accompany their new name.

As the resident orchestra of the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, The Orchestra San Antonio aimed to capture the elegance of the Tobin, celebrate the cultural diversity of its musicians, and reflect the vibrancy of San Antonio in their new logo. BTYcreative presented several concepts, and after careful consideration, a design was selected that resonated with the entire team.

Color selection proved to be an intricate process, with the CMI Team exploring various color palettes and combinations. After several revisions, they landed on a design that not only reflected their brand but also embodied their core values.

This exciting rebranding effort has been featured in the San Antonio Report. Read more about The Orchestra San Antonio’s transformation and their continued commitment to artistic excellence at San Antonio Report.

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