Ed Howie


Ed Howie has leveraged his over 25+ years of marketing and operational leadership with Chick-fil-A, Inc., Atlanta Bread Company, and H-E-B Grocery to support his clients and lead his team of communication experts through unique collaboration in growing sales and market share by developing and enabling operationally-sound, visually-compelling, brand-centric solutions.

With depth in both marketing and operations, Ed Howie has an unusually successful track record in maximizing his clients’ brand potential. Ed is also a gifted communicator, presenter, and facilitator.

Ed’s core strengths are: ideation, strategic, winning others over, connectedness, and positivity.

In addition to leading BTYcreative, Ed is a founding partner of gusto! restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia, a strategic advisor to Yaystack, and a member of Entrepreneurs Organization- San Antonio.  In 2015, Ed became a certified spin instructor.  He teaches indoor cycling several times a week at Joyride Cycling Studios in San Antonio and frequently at exhale spa in Atlanta.

Ed previously served as Director of Food Service Marketing for H-E-B Grocery Company, a $15 billion regional grocery store chain. H-E-B is long regarded as one of the most innovative retail organizations in the world. Prior to H-E-B, Ed led the re-branding efforts of Atlanta Bread Company-Bakery Cafes, as Director of Marketing. He built his career with Chick-fil-A for 17 years—the last 10 of which he served on the Corporate Operations Team, while leading multiple brand development projects.  Ed graduated from University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill with a degree in Journalism-Advertising.  He also completed his MBA at Kennesaw State University while traveling 120 days a year at the same time.