We collaborated with JackBe Grocer to develop this testimonial video for streaming TV, Pre-Roll, and Social Media. With little bit of direction and clever creativity, we crafted a compelling message to drive sales for this unique and new brand.


At BTY, we inspire brands to do all they can with what they have today! Sometimes, that means using your resources wisely. When your existing customers are “raving fans” they can be leveraged to help you sell more through testimonial videos.

These videos can be affordable and authentic way to share your brand voice. All you need is a smartphone, a willing customer, and the right message, some clever editing, and stellar graphics.

Our seasoned team of professionals can take an iphone video testimonial and create a work of art…that SELLS! The magic happens when our powerhouse combo of a BTY Brand Strategist, a.k.a “Director of Marketing", and a BTY Visual Storyteller work in tandem to craft a compelling message shared directly from your existing customers. The synergy and collaboration of our team enables us to deliver clever and imaginative designs and content that allow you to authentically share your message. 

If you’re looking to do all you can with what you have today and leverage an iPhone testimonial across multiple platforms, then let’s connect!

  • Conduct strategy meeting with client to understand goals
  • Develop story board concept based on client goals
  • Create script for :30 and :15 spots
  • Determine target voice talent to record spots
  • Design and create needed GFX (graphics) for spot
  • Edit voice recording, music bed, GFX, and video clips to create spot


  • One round of edits
  • Purchase of music bed and voice talent
  • :30 spot formatted for platform
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